Exclusive collection of trendy and stylish Phalaenopsis - Opti-flor

Story of Opti-flor

Creating the difference

 "Opti-flor is a total experience"

This has made Opti-flor who we are today: a groundbreaking orchid grower with the most distinctive, widest product range on the European market. Unique varieties, always with the wow factor: 5-star quality in outstanding colors. All concepts are divided into seven collections. Each collection has its own story, experience and appearance. This positioning in collections provides high-quality florists and garden centers throughout Europe guidance in their product assortment, always recognizable. We surprise them with an Opti-flor total experience that is perfectly tailored to the needs of the consumer.

"Creativity is essential"

A continuous drive to innovate and originality come first. We live up to creativity in our cultivation approach, in choice of varieties, priority in marketing and attention to évery detail. Knowledge of the growth stages of the orchid in its natural habitat and our craftsmanship are essential. We give orchids the care, time and space to develop perfectly. With attention to every stage of growth, every detail, every facet. How could it be otherwise, with almost 100 years of cultivation experience in the most modern production facilities.

"The human factor makes the difference"

With more than 300 employees working at seven locations we also have the scale to create impact, more so as there is expansion planned. Craftsmanship is not a task for machines or computers, which is why we mainly invest in people. It is our people who make the difference. We all continue to build a successful consumer brand every day. Employees with a passion for a natural product with great commitment to the family business that Opti-flor is. Each with their own talents and ambitions, which they can develop and realize in a growing company. In an honest and transparent cooperation with our partners in the supply chain, we amaze consumers every day. Together we make life and the joy of giving more beautiful!

Opti-flor, creating the difference.