Our Native Collection contains all our natural varieties. All varieties look like they come straight from nature. Without sticks or other tools, they get the space to grow in their own way. The varieties have a playful and graceful look and give a back-to-nature feeling.

Native Collection

Natural and back-to-nature
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Flower diameter: 3 - 5 cm
Spike length: 20 - 30 cm

In our new product line Botanico small floral arrangements are created in a 9 cm pot. Opti-Mini-70 forms the basis of these floral arrangements, combined with Nolina or Senecio Himalaya. The Botanico has a wild, but playful character. There is a wide variety in floral colours on two or three branches. Botanico does not contain sticks, this enhances its playfull character with a free flowing feeling.

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Flower diameter: 7 cm
Spike length: 25 cm

Perfect symbiosis of elegance and playfulness

Artisto is the perfect symbiosis of elegance and playfulness. The flower-covered spikes of this compact plant hang loose over the side of the pot. Artisto and its lovely flowers are thus eminently suitable for creating low table arrangements.

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Flower diameter: 6-10 cm
Spike length: 30 - 40 cm

Rather self-assured
Liberto is rather self-assured and likes to go its own way. The elegant spikes with colourful flowers literally curl in every direction. This means that no two Libertos are the same. This unique character makes Liberto a welcome addition to more loosely arranged decorations, like a large bowl on a table or a characteristic pot on the windowsill.

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Willd Orchid

Spike length: 30 - 50 cm

Wild shoots with a back-to-nature character
The Willd Orchid looks like it was flowering only yesterday in the jungles of Borneo. The wild shoots with uneven, small flowers give this orchid a back-to-nature character. The bamboo support accentuates the authentic character of this lovely plant. Available as Willd Orchid N°9 and N° 12.

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