Creatori di Orchidee - Opti-flor

Createurs d'Orchidee

Endless Indulgence

We get our inspiration from nature, but also from other companies who have made it their profession to perfect their products. Ad infinitum. So we pamper our orchids longer than usual in our greenhouses. The result is a heavier plant, excellent quality and longer flowering period.

Improvement and innovation drive us, day after day. Our motto is not surprisingly: 'Creating orchids'. That is why our Research & Development Department forms the beating heart of Opti-flor. In this incubator, we test hundreds of new varieties each year for a range of characteristics, like flowering period, colour, flower diameter, spike length and durability. Only the best will be given a spot in the exclusive Opti-flor collection, which connoisseurs describe as trendy, exclusive and stylish. We are indeed proud that the world's most famous designers and arrangers choose our orchids to include in their stunning creations.