Our Royal Collection is our collection with grandeur. The Royal Collection stands for chic and grand. Each one of the varieties in this stunning collection is unique. Thanks to superlative craftsmanship and optimum attention and commitment, the magnificent stock material is transformed under our care into real showstoppers with large flowers.

Royal Collection

Chic with large flowers
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Bijoux Diamond

Flower diameter: 14 cm
Spike length: 90 - 100 cm

Majestic grace and subtle yellow heart
A sublime quality, stunning large white flowers, and a subtle yellow heart give the Bijoux Diamond a majestic grace. The Bijoux Diamond is a jewel especially for the living room or the lobby of a company or hotel. 

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Bijoux Pearl

Flower diameter: 11 cm
Spike length: 70 - 80 cm

Stunning design in the heart of the flower
The Bijoux Pearl is without doubt one of the loveliest jewels in our Royal Collection. The stunning design of the labellum is an eye-catching detail in the heart of each flower. The colours purple, pink, orange, red and yellow are mixed there into the typical design.

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Flower diameter: 10 - 14 cm
Spike length: 30 - 90 cm

Waterfall of virginal white flowers
Formidablo owes its unusual form to the application of a traditional Japanese steel wire technique. A special mystical aura surrounds this stunning orchid with a waterfall of virginal white flowers. Formidablo makes an indelible impression on everyone who comes in contact with it, making it a beautiful eye-catcher for offices, hotel lobbies or living rooms. It's available in four exclusive varieties: Formidablo N°9, N°12, N°15 and N°17.

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Flower diameter: > 14 cm
Spike length: 100 cm

Big lucky charm
Fortuno brings luck into your home. It always has at least three filled spikes extending 100 cm or even longer. Combined with chique white flowers, at least 12 cm in diameter, Fortuno is eminently suitable for large spaces, like offices or hotel lobbies.

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Flower diameter: 12 - 14 cm
Spike length: 80 - 100 cm

Impressive form with a majestic appearance
Flowers with a diameter exceeding 12 cm, combined with the impressive spike length give the Opti-Grandi its majestic look. The Opti-Grandi deserves the label 'Royal' in our opinion. It makes an impressive show in any room.

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Flower diameter: > 11 cm
Spike length: 80 cm

Powerful plant with at least three spikes
Theatro is rightly called a powerful plant, but a truly lovely one. After at least two years of loving care in our greenhouses, Theatro achieves a very striking form with a large number of leaf layers and at least 3 spikes covered in flowers. Will you give Theatro a suitable stage to shine on?

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