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Online brochure Business Orchids

'With the stunning Business Orchids from Opti-flor, you can create an expressive, luxurious look in your office, restaurant, hotel lobby, or reception area. Their profusion of white flowers leaves an indelible impression on your guests. And they are practical as well as beautiful. You don't have to worry about caring for the orchid with the smart automatic watering system Aquo. It looks after the plant's needs for months. Let yourself be stunned by our exclusive collection and fill your interior with luxury. After all, special spaces deserve a stylish look.'

Our Business Orchids have been part of our collection for some time. We now have more than 50 different arrangements. To make these arrangements transparent, we have developed an online brochure in which they are all mentioned. Both our Custom Design and our White Design collection are listed in the brochure. This way you can see at one glance which arrangement suits you best. Curious about our collections? Take a look at the online brochure here:

Online brochure Business Orchids EN

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Olala Bellissimo

Bellissimo is the newest Opti-flor creation. It combines the beauty of the orchid with the lush character of an exclusive bouquet of flowers.

This lovely, Italian beauty can easily beat the competition from a flower bouquet. It is stunning on its own, and not easy to defeat. Its lush flowers remain lovely for at least 3 months. Over 100 tiny flowers make Bellissimo the ideal gift. Lovely to give as a present and even better to receive.

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Unique watering system for carefree flowering pleasure

Recently, Opti-Flor made it even easier for orchid lovers to care well for their Phalaenopsis. Thanks to the unique Opti-flor watering system Aquo, the orchid meets its own water needs.

The only thing you have to do is to fill up the reservoir when it gets low. The plant 'drinks' just the right amount of water for optimal growth and flowering. Convenience is the name of the game.  

Easy care
Do you not (yet) have a watering system? Then the care of your Phalaenopsis is still relatively simple. As a first step, pay attention to the location of the plant, with or without the Aquo watering system. Phalaenopsis needs a semi-sunny location and must not be in a room that is colder than 150C. It is also important to keep the plant away from fruit. Fruit exudes ethylene, which harms the plant. You can find more care tips for Phalaenopsis here.

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Singolo Aquarello is a fabulous, living aquarelle

It really does exist, the single-bloomed orchid. This unique Phalaenopsis, called Singolo, was until recently only available in white and pink. Thanks to a special cultivation process, Singolo is now available in different aquarelle colours.

Singolo is one of a kind in many aspects. It is a sturdy, compact plant with one splendid, large flower that towers high above the leaves and regards the world with self-assurance. It's lovely on its own and stunning when grouped with other plants in a presentation. We have recently transformed this single-bloomed orchid into a fabulous, living aquarelle.

Eight unique versions
Lovely to give as a present and even better to receive. The Singolo Aquarello collection consists of eight unique aquarelle versions, divided into two groups. Northern Lights contains the cooler tints from the palette (azure, lilac, sky and forest), while Sunlight contains four warm colours (orange, lemon, blush and flamingo). Singolo Aquarello is available from the top-range florists and garden centres.

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