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Crafted to perfection

passion, attention and care

Every one of our company's orchids is surrounded by care, attention and craftsmanship from the very beginning. This surplus of attention and craftsmanship is one of the core values at Opti-flor. We strive for perfection in everything. An Opti-flor orchid is nurtured with a cocktail of optimal care, undivided attention and old-fashioned craftsmanship for 70 weeks on average. That's the sort of labour that you only find at real family firms these days. At that we are, body and soul. Our result becomes obvious when you bring home an orchid from our collection to enjoy.

Products from the Opti-flor collection are constantly surrounded by the finest care and a surplus of attention throughout the cultivation process. Together with our colleagues' craftsmanship, this produces the exceptional quality and exclusive character of our orchids. This outstanding care for our orchids and our sustained commitment to people, the environment and nature have not gone unnoticed. Our company is audited annually. And each year we again receive the most important, internationally accepted certification. For example:

MPS Florimark
This top label from the Milieu Project Sierteelt (MPS) foundation assures buyers that the holder of the label meets the strictest criteria in the field of quality care, traceability, the environment, and social and labour conditions. The MPS-Florimark Production label consists of the following part certificates: MPS-A, MPS-GAP, MPS-Quality and MPS-SQ. Next to that, Opti-flor also has a MPS-ProductProof certification. MPS-ProductProof is a perfect transparency tool, which offers customers a guarantee that horticultural products do not contain certain specified active ingredients. The MPS-ProductProof guarantee means that customers can rely on the fact that the products delivered have been grown sustainably.