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The creative possibilities with Phalaenopsis are endless. Our Creative Collection is the peak of creativity. The varieties naturally have an artistic and individual character. With the Creative Collection the focus is on the shape, with or without (iron) wire. Each variety contains an added, creative element. The result is elegance in optimal form.

Creative Collection

focus on form
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Flower diameter: 9 cm
Spike length: 45 - 50 cm

Sympathetic bridge-builder
As a sympathetic bridge-builder Ponto enjoys bringing people together. The elegant spikes with their profusion of flowers join each other in the air. The result is a bridge, paved with flowers. With its compact format and slender look, Ponto is perfect for windowsills. Two round, decorative pots complete the picture.

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Flower diameter: 3 - 5 cm
Spike length: 20 - 30 cm

Shape-it’s four, diverse, moving forms create a unique appearance. The Salto is a round bow. Dance is a plant with three branches that seem to dance around each other. The Dive has two branches full of flowers that take a dive from the top. With its elegant appearance, Shape-it decorates it’s entire environment.

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Flower diameter: 10 - 12 cm
Spike length: 30 - 85 cm

As a powerful fountain Fontano's branches shoot into the sky. On the highest level its knots enfold into a waterfall of flowers. Its extraordinary shape makes it a true masterpiece. Fontano is available in various sizes. Just like any other creation from the Opti-flor collection, Fontano is created with the greatest care and devotion.


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Mirror Miracle

Spike length: 45 - 50 cm

Reflected fata morgana
You don't need a mirror to see that the Mirror Miracle is a natural wonder. Its unique form reflects a curious and magical fantasy world. Mirror Miracle is like a fata morgana, which continuously changes its appearance. Which one is it now? That depends entirely on you, on your own illusions, fantasies, dreams and wishes.  

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Spike length: 50 cm

Dizzy beauty
Balletto is like a ballerina turning pirouettes on one leg. The gracefully formed spike, with stunning flowers, spirals upwards. Balletto is rightfully called a dizzy beauty, you almost feel dizzy just admiring it.  

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Floriday Bestel direct via Floriday