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Opti-flor orchids bring atmosphere and colour into millions of European living rooms, offices and hotel lobbies. They also contribute to an exclusive appearance at a range of international events. Our collection consists of 21 different showpieces. Each one is unique in its own way. Nevertheless, all of our orchids have one thing in common: without exception, they are cultivated with the greatest passion and devotion. Our motto is not surprisingly: 'Creating orchids'.  

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Business Orchids

Our Business Orchids have been part of our collection for some time. We now have more than 50 different arrangements. To make these arrangements transparent, we have developed an online brochure in which they are all mentioned.

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Olala Bellissimo
Olala Bellissimo

Exclusive five-star collection

Our collection is put together with the greatest possible care and currently has 21 showpieces of five-star quality. We explore the far corners of the earth to find new, special varieties. Sometimes we add to their beauty. Using a traditional Japanese steel wire technique, we create some amazing shapes that are always a joy to behold. Well-known designers and arrangers like to choose orchids from the Opti-flor collection for their creations.

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Spring metamorphosis of your living room

Are you pining for the first rays of sunshine in the spring? You can already bring the spring indoors now and transform your living room with the loveliest creations from the Opti-flor collection.

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Olala Bellissimo


Phalaenopsis does best at a temperature between 20°C and 24°C. Make sure that the temperature does not fall below 16°C.

Dip your orchid 5-10 minutes weekly in a bucket of water. After dipping please let your orchid leak out. It now can last without a new supply of water for at least 7 days.

It is important that Phalaenopsis has an airy soil, which provides moisture-retaining drainage. Special orchid soil is available from most garden centres and is essential.


"Rows of people were standing in front of the window"

In collaboration with Opti-flor, top florist Jan Dippell of Ivy Flowershop in Leidseplein in Amsterdam arranged a new display in the shop window. The result was a dazzling presentation. "Visitors from around the world were elbowing their way to the front to take photos of our shop's display window. Incredible!

A peek at the window display

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Opti-flor orchids are sold by the top-range florists and garden centres. 

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