Care for the environment

Respect for people, nature and the environment

Enabling consumers from around the world to enjoy our exclusive orchids is our mission. Working with respect for other people, nature and the environment is self-evident to us. We do our best to minimise our environmental footprint. Some examples are given below to illustrate the ways in which we strive to contribute to a clean and environmentally friendly future.

  • The heated sections of our greenhouses are mostly fitted with energy-saving double glazing, so less energy is used.
  • We supply about 50% of our energy needs with geothermal energy. We pump up warm water at a temperature of 85°C from sources located at a depth of 2500 m, and use it to heat the greenhouses.
  • We collect rainwater in special silos and use it to irrigate the plants.
  • We use a recirculation system to collect the water used in the greenhouses and recirculate it. The water is thus reused.
  • We employ biological crop protection to the fullest extent possible. This means that wherever possible, we employ natural control agents to combat diseases and pests and restrict the use of pesticides to an absolute minimum.