'Our orchid tables are the best square metres of our garden centre´

Garden centre owner Nicole Kester
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Garden centre Ockenburgh in The Hague is without doubt one of the loveliest garden centres in South Holland. Consumers can come here not only for garden furniture, flowers, barbecues and gift articles, but also for a wide range of houseplants and outdoor plants. One of the eye-catching displays is a stunning presentation of the Opti-flor collection on three tables.

Visitors can hardly overlook the orchid display. In turn, the orchid tables invariably enjoy a great deal of attention. From Balletto to Willd Orchid and from Bellissimo to Singolo, visitors find them beautifully arranged, next to all the other showpieces from the Opti-flor collection. Using banners, table runners and mobiles, consumers are made aware that the entire collection from Opti-flor is on display.
"Phalaenopsis is an important product group for us," explained Nicole Kester of garden centre Ockenburgh. Together with her husband André she runs this successful garden centre near Kijkduin. "I think that our orchid tables are our best square metres in terms of contributing to the operating profit."

High quality
"The quality of the Opti-flor orchids is unsurpassed," says Kester while firmly shaking a pot containing a Mirror Miracle. "Look at how firmly the plant sits in the pot. The spikes are thick and well developed, and the plants always have plenty of buds. They have a wealth of flowers, which bloom for a long time." According to Kester, garden centre Ockenburgh has a relatively large group of steady customers. "Many people come here several times a month. Then it is important to keep trying to surprise them with new presentations. Our orchid tables are perfect for that."

Crowded orchid weekend
At least once a week the orchids are restocked. "Opti-flor has a very wide range of Phalaenopsis. It is important for us to be able to vary the presentations on our orchid tables. As far as I'm concerned, Opti-flor is welcome to launch even more new varieties." Once a year garden centre Ockenburgh organises an orchid weekend. "Then everything revolves around the orchids. Staff from Opti-flor always come along to help out and provide tips about caring for the plants. Our customers are delighted to be able to talk to the actual grower."

Well-known orchid brand
Because Opti-flor lies just a stone's throw away from garden centre Ockenburgh, Kester often drops by. "Many people in this region are familiar with Opti-flor and know that we carry the entire collection. Visitors occasionally ask specifically for an orchid from Opti-flor." Kester is pleased that every Opti-flor orchid is recognisable from the chique, green, oval logo that is found on a stick in every pot. "It's a great trademark, and stands for the very finest orchids."

Kester also praises the mutual collaboration. "I like it that we can talk openly about everything. If there is a constructive point of criticism, the people at Opti-flor deal with it professionally. For me, that is the basis of being able to be successful together."